I'm a photographer, mostly, and sometimes a cinematographer and director for small film, documentary or music projects.

After a long commercial career I recently began to use my camera in ways that reconnected me to the original passion that I had for making photographs.

Getting rid of all my studio equipment I'm back where I started. A camera. That's it.

I'm as interested in photographing certain people as I am in photographing intriguing objects, food that I prepare, challenging fashion and some places.

I think of myself as a photographer, singularly, rather than a fashion, still life, or food photographer. In the simplest way, all of my images are portraits.

I've worked anonymously, and I've worked on award winning projects.

The work process is the same.

Like my DNA, the things I photograph are varied and seemingly incongruous, but to me it all makes perfect sense.



CHICAGO: 773 470 7643


 contact: peterrosenbaum58@gmail.com